Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an art. There are so many aspects to it that we think it deserves a dedicated agency, which is why so many dedicated Search Engine Optimisation agencies exist. They don't offer graphic design, they don't develop websites… They purely focus on getting websites up the rankings. Before we talk ourselves out of the services that we offer, hear us out. We work with external agencies and utilise their manpower to get the best results for an affordable flat fee.

Live SEO reporting

When you trust JenksDev with your SEO, you'll gain access to a live dashboard where you can track an array of metrics to help you monitor the performance of your website. Here are some of the available reports that you could use. They provide overviews of your local performance from Google My Business, Google Search Console performance, analytics and more.

SEO services involved

There are a fair few elements of our SEO services, we've highlighted some of the key elements below.

On page optimisation

Headings and titles

Your website will be analysed with any underlying issues ironed out. Meta descriptions, titles, heading levels and placements considered, and alt attributes are all part of what Google pays attention to – and so does our SEO team.

Data driven optimisation

Are your competitors ranking well for your chosen keyword? Our team will analyse what they're doing and follow suit, while attempting to get one over them of course.

A/B testing

How do you know what works best if you only test one thing? Our team will keep on top of the small tweaks here and there to ensure that your site is always up to scratch.


Long lasting backlinks

We don't head over to Fiverr and pay somebody £10 to create hundreds of backlinks on spam-related and brand new websites. We source trusted backlinks that will serve you over time.

Genuine backlinks

As well as lasting for the duration, we seek genuine websites to link from, and actively avoid blacklisted websites. We're white-hat all the way.

High Domain Authority

Google trusts websites with higher domain authority, so that's where aim to get backlinks from, as that is where you will get the most benefit.

Content creation

Google friendly

As part of our SEO service, our team will create weekly content focused on your industry and optimise them to get Google's attention. Google loves regular, appropriate content.

Professionally written

Our articles are first researched by the research team, then passed to the writers who prepare the articles which, in turn, are proofread and passed on to us. The articles you'll be receiving aren't your run of the mill copy and paste jobs, they're written professionally and will be structured to help you win custom.

Local SEO optimisation

Active listings

We'll direct our weekly blog articles to your ‘Google My Business' listing to help everything interlink and remain active.

Optimised for your local area

We optimise by including long tail keywords relating to your local area in your articles. The more specific we are, the more we can help you.

What's the initial cost?

The initial set up cost covers you for three months, as I do not believe a period shorter than this can truly showcase what this service can do for you.


The first three months will see our team work through your website, adjusting meta data where appropriate, creating fresh content and reaching out to relevant websites to acquire high quality backlinks to help your ranking. For details of plans beyond the initial set up, please keep reading…

  • is a newsletter, provider of trend analysis reports and a community of entrepreneurs looking to help one another, and share ideas about how to grow their businesses. There aren't many places where founders of nine-figure companies offer their thoughts on your business plans or random business ideas. I've made many fantastic connections during my time there, and cannot recommend it enough.

  • WPMU Dev

    WPMU are my web host provider. They also provide a lot of the speed-enabling and security software that is used on all of the websites that I build. I share this link in case you've come here and decided that you want to try and build your own site - this is who I would recommend doing it with if that's the case. Also, no hard feelings!

  • ConvertKit

    ConvertKit is mailing list software, and is free for up to 1,000 subscribers. It's also the best softwar I've come across in terms of delivering emails straight to people's inboxes, rather than junk folders.