We’ve opted for a flat pricing structure for your new website to keep things simple.

We've kept things easy...

Our three step process

We want to keep things as simple as possible, so we’ve opted for set pricing that only varies depending on the type of set up and hosting you need.

The best thing of all for you?

If we fail to deliver on time, we’ll knock 50% off the price of your set up fee.

We’ve narrowed the whole quote process down to three steps:

  1. Choose the set up (the design stage) that you want
  2. Decide how much website management you require on an ongoing basis
  3. Add any optional extras

That’s it, we’ll then send you information about the process, and request information from you to allow us to start designing your website.

Like we said… We’ve kept it simple. Far too many companies overcomplicate the entire process. Your website exists to showcase who you are and what you do, so let that be the focus, not making the page spin with every mouse click.

Customise your website...

Choose your set up

First of all, select the kind of design and set up you require, from a semi-templated approach to a fully custom design. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re happy with the design.

We aim our websites at SMBs who tend to require, on average, five pages – excluding the typical terms and conditions, privacy policy etc. These could be a home page, an about page, services, locations and more. You’re not restricted to the type of content you want here. Additional pages can be requested on a charge-per-page basis.

Basic set up

For a fast turnaround
£ 1,000 You provide the written content
  • Five pages
  • Standard legal terms and contact forms
  • Templated design from building blocks
  • One week turnaround

Standard set up

For a mix of speed and customisation
£ 2,000 We'll write the content with you
  • Everything in Basic
  • Portfolio / blog templates
  • Five hours of design customisation
  • Two week turnaround

Premium set up

For a custom design
£ 3,000 We'll write the content
  • Everything in Standard
  • eCommerce integration
  • Bespoke design
  • One month turnaround

Pay monthly for your hosting and management...

Choose your subscription

Decide whether you just want hosting and monitoring, or whether you want a couple of hours a month of support and maintenance.

Our hosting is cloud based, with a built in firewall and fast delivery network to ensure that your website remains fast and secure. All packages also include daily malware scans and backups to protect against hackers or unwanted guests infecting your website and bringing it down. If your website does get hacked, we’ll restore your latest backup for free.

Basic hosting

For those who need a fast turnaround
£ 50 monthly
  • Half an hour of content updates
  • No discount on retainer hours
  • Monthly reports
  • Monthly plugin and theme updates

Standard hosting

For those who need a fast turnaround
£ 100 monthly
  • One hour of content updates
  • 15% discount on additional hours
  • Weekly reports
  • Weekly plugin and theme updates

Premium hosting

For those who need a fast turnaround
£ 150 monthly
  • Two hours of content updates
  • 25% discount on additional hours
  • Weekly reports
  • Weekly plugin and theme updates

Add the finishing touches...

Choose additional extras

Want to customise your package further? Here are some of the extra packages that we offer. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Additional pages

£ 75 per page
  • You provide the written content

Membership capabilities

£ 200 plus software costs
  • For closed membership websites

Website refresh

£ 50 monthly for 24 months
  • Redesigned website every two years