Gloucestershire Builders

Gloucestershire Builders

JonesBuild, a Cheltenham and Gloucester builder, came to me and requested a website to show their past work, and wanted to be able to split the jobs by location and job category, in order to align with their services.

I began by building a basic outline of what I had planned and sent it across for approval. The plan showed that each past job would be posted as a blog post, in two categories. One category being a service, and one being a location. The blog post would then pull through to the relevant pages when drilling down into examples of each service.

Steve, the owner, was very pleased with the layout and the automatic population of the sub-pages with the new posts. At the time of writing this (June 2020), we had managed to get the website – a brand new domain – to page two of Google for various local keywords.

  • is a newsletter, provider of trend analysis reports and a community of entrepreneurs looking to help one another, and share ideas about how to grow their businesses. There aren't many places where founders of nine-figure companies offer their thoughts on your business plans or random business ideas. I've made many fantastic connections during my time there, and cannot recommend it enough.

  • WPMU Dev

    WPMU are my web host provider. They also provide a lot of the speed-enabling and security software that is used on all of the websites that I build. I share this link in case you've come here and decided that you want to try and build your own site - this is who I would recommend doing it with if that's the case. Also, no hard feelings!

  • ConvertKit

    ConvertKit is mailing list software, and is free for up to 1,000 subscribers. It's also the best softwar I've come across in terms of delivering emails straight to people's inboxes, rather than junk folders.