Order your new website

So, you need a new website?

Simple order process

To secure your website build, we’ll need you to provide some details. We’ll then be in touch to confirm everything in relation to the build and present you with your quote and contract. We’ve tried to keep the entire process as simple as possible. We hate meetings for the sake of having meetings, so we’ll only ask for your time when absolutely necessary.

The process

  1. You complete the form below.
  2. We set up a phone call to discuss requirements in detail.
  3. We prepare an official quote for you.
  4. You pay your deposit and provide business assets such as logo etc.
  5. We build, and keep in touch with you every step of the way.
  6. You sign off on the design and provide further content where appropriate.
  7. We finalise and tidy up any loose ends.
  8. You make your final payment for the set up.
  9. Website goes live.

Price up your requirements..

Request a quote

Keeping terms easy to digest...

Simplified terms.

As part of your quote, we’ll send you a full set of terms and conditions, but we know that they can often be laborious, so here are some of the key points summarised.

  1. Your set up fee is split into two 50% instalments:
    1. First 50% non-refundable deposit is payable upon acceptance of the quote
    2. Second 50% payable upon website completion
  2. No design works will commence until the deposit is paid and received.
  3. Ownership of the website and content will remain with JenksDev until full payment of the set up fee has been received.
  4. Your monthly subscription is subject to a minimum 12 month contract.
    1. Superseding Clause 3, if you select the ‘website refresh’ product, you will be subject to a 24 month contract.
  5. Monthly payments are taken automatically on the first day of each month, facilitated through our payment processor; Stripe.