In today’s modern and digital society, having a professional website is paramount in helping your business get noticed in the digital space. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into the picture to boost your online visibility and website traffic.

But did you know that even as a local business, it pays to have an SEO-friendly site? Having a professional website is an excellent way of promoting your service, particularly to clients in your locality. However, you must optimise it for the local search to ensure that your content and site are found online. Ultimately, doing so will help you find and earn more long-term clients!

In this article, we will share how to create an SEO-friendly website for local businesses:

1. Research and incorporate relevant keywords

Keywords are crucial as they serve as the core of your on-page SEO implementation. The ultimate goal is to ensure that you use words or phrases that your target audiences are more likely to type in the search field. That way, your content or website will easily and quickly appear on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) environment once your target market looks for the trade work that you can offer. This is where keyword research is important as a way to find relevant keywords and incorporate them into your content.

2. Have the user experience (UX) in mind

When it comes to your technical SEO, you must always have the UX in mind, where your goal is to ensure that your site visitors are satisfied with what your website has to offer. The last thing you’ll want to happen is for your visitors to become frustrated and leave your web pages without converting. So, what does it take to have an excellent UX on your website? Be sure to have a well-structured User Interface (UI), minimalist design, streamlined visual elements, ample whitespace, easy navigation, and fast page-loading time.

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3. Start building links

Keep in mind that it makes a world of difference if you start to build links as part of your off-page SEO implementation. But when it comes to this, you must always opt for quality over quantity. This means that you shouldn’t merely link to as many content pieces or sites as you can but connect your content to credible sources for site authority. On the other hand, you must strive to acquire links that will point users to your content or website, which will also make you a thought leader in your industry!

4. Update Google My Business (GMB)

Another key consideration is to boost your local SEO as local business, where you must optimise your website and content for the local search. This is to ensure that your local market can easily and quickly find your site when they’re looking for trade work in your locality. The best place to start is to create a profile and regularly update your Google My Business (GMB). At the same time, you must provide your business Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) information and key details, such as working hours, business map, and even positive online reviews!


Having an SEO-friendly website is the key to your success as a local business. All it takes is to incorporate relevant keywords, have the UX in mind, build reliable links, and update your GMB. With all these SEO strategies in place, you’ll get more and more clients to visit your website and ultimately hire your service!

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