Hey. Ben here.

I believe in being transparent in business. It’s for this reason that I’m writing this statement. Its purpose is to inform you that a number of products that are featured around the website or in tutorials are products that I am affiliated with. I only promote products that I use and love. These links aren’t just spammed everywhere in the hope of earning an extra few pounds. They are genuine products with great communities that help businesses to grow.

I have written this statement at the birth of JenksDev so that, as the website grows, I do not have to have a disclaimer next to each link that I use. It is for this reason that I recommend using the following logic – if you see a product recommended or used on this website, please consider this to be an affiliate link. This means that I may be compensated by the companies for referring you to their products, by way of commission when you purchase them. This will never cost you more and may sometimes save you money instead.

If you have any queries regarding this, please get in touch.